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We bring the best honey from Estonia for you. The best must be shared. Honey that comes from the northern part of Europe.

Estonia is a country covered with natural forest and snow. It is considered the backyard garden for many European countries, especially Scandinavians countries including Finland and Sweden. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released the first Air Quality Ranking database; Estonia is ranked number 1 in terms of country and city with the best air quality.

In the northern part of Estonia, near to the arctic region, the forest are called fairy kingdom of snow white. Thick, white snow, little primitive wooden cabins, this is where the MEVEDA HONEY comes from. Each bottle of Meveda Nordic honey contains more than 50 types of flowers pollen (main varieties include Tilia, Linden, Clover, dandelion, Raspberry, Spiraea, Hypericum Lotus).

This honey that we brought for you is the official national diplomatic gifts to VIPs, it is certified by Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. Every forest plant grows well by absorbing the nutrients of nature. Due to its geographic location, it becomes the no man land of Estonia. Due to its Nordic icy winter weather, this no man land is seldom visited by people, except 45 days a year, when people come to harvest this precious fresh honey which is only available once a year during this time. The rest of time, the visitors are only little animals in the forest.

Size 300gm
Direction of use Adult / Children (Not suitable for baby)
- 2 tablespoons twice a day
- Consume directly / mixed with warm water with lime
- Can be spread on toasted bread or eat with cereals